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Cubane’s approach to consulting is entirely focused on enabling clients to drive change in their organization using the path that best suits their culture and needs.

In the UniForum program for the higher education sector, Cubane eschews conventional change-and-process consulting to enable clients to lead change in their organisation in ways that best suit them. To date, over 40 well-known universities globally use insights they have gained through their participation in the collaborative forums to make better strategic decisions and enable new investment in their academic missions. Cubane facilitates these results by providing clients with objective, trustworthy insights and opportunities for identifying and understanding best practices in collaboration with university peers facing comparable challenges. We then help them measure the success of the actions they take on their individual journeys.

Our success can be measured through our extensive base of loyal clients, many of whom have been involved in our program since its inception in 2009, through the transformative changes many members have had the confidence to embark on, through the widespread adoption of Cubane’s strategic spend management framework into their planning processes and through the sustained benefits members have delivered in support of their teaching and research missions. They value a consultancy with a deep understanding of their sector and of how to engage with its principals and stakeholders.

We inform. We facilitate. We enable.

Committed by Culture

Active on three continents, Cubane has a large footprint but remains a company of small, nimble collaborative teams.

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Gain deeper understanding through collaborative studies. Learn from pooled knowledge and benchmark data. Reap practical benefits through better-informed decisions.

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