Driving improvement in university administration worldwide, Cubane’s UniForum is a unique consultancy program for exchanging data, insights and best practices in a moderated forum setting.

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What is the
UniForum Program?

The UniForum program provides university management with the means to manage strategically their administration and support services, leveraging the power of sharing information, learning from one another and collaboration

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Generate insights that count

With UniForum, you join a cohort of similarly positioned institutions pursuing a carefully directed, multi-year program of information sharing, performance analysis and best practice sharing to enable your institution to deliver operational improvement.

Participants follow common procedures for gathering detailed data across a wide range of administrative activities and contributing to a pool of normalized and genuinely comparable information. This highly rigorous approach ensures meaningful analysis of robust, locally owned data and supports discussion of insights with other forum members worldwide. Through the open collaboration with peers, universities can “see the future” and extract full value from lessons others have learned.

While Cubane provides guidance and specialized expertise, members have significant influence on the forum’s focus. UniForum positions you to measure your institution’s relative administrative performance, gain clear direction for making better strategic choices and assess long-term implementation success on an always up-to-date, factual basis.

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Follow a rigorous, structured approach

Individually and in collaboration, UniForum members engage in an annual cycle of activities and events that rotate through three successive phases:



  • With Cubane’s guidance and tools, you gather detailed data on the allocation of employee- and supplier-provided capacity to over 150 key activities across 14 functional areas.
  • You also survey employees for feedback on the professional services provided to support them in their roles.


Briefings and

  • Supported by Cubane, forum partners meet to review the latest results, and Cubane subsequently provides university-specific briefings to each member.
  • Cubane subjects all submitted data to proprietary statistical analysis to protect the integrity of intra-university comparison from distortions related to differences in geography, scale and research intensity.


Studies (after Year I)

  • In collaboration with your forum partners, you will have opportunities to review in Cubane-led workshops, the performance of select management functions or to direct Cubane toward the detailed study of critical resource drivers chosen from among a wide range.

The completion of the UniForum program cycle is punctuated by an annual conference in which forum members come together to share strategies they are adopting to improve services as well as experiences and lessons learned from these efforts. As members pass through successive cycles, measurement of outcomes becomes embedded in the management process and continuous improvement processes become the norm for service delivery teams.

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Drive efficiency and effectiveness
today and tomorrow

UniForum enables continuous improvement in university administration. It delivers a regularly updated stream of carefully curated data and expert analysis to ensure that you can see your institution in comparison with others accurately and gain a sure sense of what best practices and their costs look like.

Common benefits realized include better strategic thinking on how to deploy capabilities for more efficient and effective delivery, more rational deployment of management leadership, better role design to reflect needs of the institution and the local mission, enhanced deployment of capability across the organization and improved performance. Your workforce will have new opportunities for training and career development. In many cases for the first time, universities in the program are able to provide employees with a roadmap to more rewarding career options wherever they are employed in the organization.

Since UniForum is not a one-time event but an ongoing program, the positive changes are measurable and continuous.