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Welcome to UniForum Insights, short articles reflecting the UniForum program’s research into best practices in administration and support services in universities and other education institutions.

Since its inception in 2009, the UniForum collaboration has involved 49 institutions in the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, with research coordinated by Cubane Consulting.

The UniForum institutions are varied in their scale, research intensity, discipline mix and funding. This diversity offers members insights on a range of factors that influence how administrative services are delivered, and their relative efficiency and effectiveness.

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Service Effectiveness

How understanding the service needs of staff can unlock higher satisfaction

Communicating TreesNovember 2018 - Cubane has analysed 1,400,000 responses to a worldwide survey of user satisfaction with admin services. The findings? There is remarkable consistency in what staff appreciate most about particular services that support them. Ignore these, and a university might focus and invest heavily in things that aren’t valued. Focus on these, and they can substantially increase staff satisfaction within a surprisingly short time.